Real Estate Development

The Galesi Group has nearly 50 years of experience in managing some of the highest profile development projects in New York State. As developer the Galesi Group oversees all aspects of the project, including acquisition, coordinates with engineers and architects, obtains State and local approvals, general project oversight, financing, and related functions.

Over the past 10 years, the Galesi Group has developed two million SF of new facilities, representing $245 million of private-sector investment and currently has a strong pipeline of future projects with more than million SF of new in development and construction, representing $500 million of investment, underway.

Design & Construction: Galesi has partnered with more than $1 billion in design-build projects. In partnership with numerous builders including LeChase Construction, BBL Construction, Bonacio Construction, General Electric and Goldman Sachs.

Financing: The Galesi Group’s financial approach is to create a structure that results in the total lowest cost to the end user of the project. We look at the total financing projects as well as availing our customers of a variety of debt structures, tax benefits, and incentives all designed to drive the overall project cost lower. We have significant experience in using Certificates Of Participation (COP), Tax Incremental Financing (TIF), PILOT Incremental Financing (PIF), Municipal Utility District (MUD), Industrial Revenue Bonds, New Market Tax Credits, Housing Tax Credits, Historical Federal and State Credits, etc.