Tour a peek at Mohawk Harbor early construction

The din of heavy machinery penetrating into the dirt with mammoth 55-foot-long steel columns is resounding proof that a swath on the southeastern corner of an old dilapidated factory is being transformed into a harbor.

A short walk toward the Mohawk River reveals more signs of what the Rotterdam-based developer and its professional experts say will eventually become part of a recreational bike path and pedestrian walkway.

Those were the two locations the media was shown Tuesday during a tour of the 60-acre Erie Boulevard property with state Canal Corp. Director Brian U. Stratton, Mayor Gary McCarthy and officials from Rifenburg Contracting Corp. of Brunswick.

The buildings around the harbor will be built above the 100-year floodplain, said Austin DiSiena of Rifenburg said “water will flow in and out of the harbor just as though it’s an extension of the river.” DiSiena noted, however, that from the front of the buildings to the harbor could potentially flood in a disastrous “weather event.” Water could be flowing in the marina sometime in the winter, said officials.

Stratton, a former Schenectady mayor, said the $480 million Rivers Casino and Resort at Mohawk Harbor is a “one of a kind project.”

“It’s just absolutely breathtaking and also fabulous for our entire canal system and for the region and for the city, the mayor can be very proud,” Stratton said. “I like to see access and opportunity for the people that travel along the canal, that bike along the canal, to be able to pull in here, to be able to shop, to be able to live, to be able to spend money.”

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