Progress on site transforms Mohawk Harbor

SCHENECTADY — Driving through the Mohawk Harbor development in a black SUV, David Buicko reflected on the progress that’s been made on the old industrial site so far.

He pointed to the sign that’s gone up on the Rivers Casino, the amenities in the recently opened Marriott and windows waiting to be installed at the new Riverhouse apartments and talked about how far the site has come.

Weaving around construction vehicles and pointing to ongoing project after ongoing project, the COO of the Galesi Group, the developer responsible for much of the activity at the Mohawk Harbor site, eventually arrived at waterfront apartments being built right along the harbor itself.

“I guarantee these will be the nicest apartments in the Capital Region,” he said of the Riverhouse.

The Mohawk Harbor project has taken the former Alco site along the Mohawk River and transformed it. The former industrial site is now a hub of construction activity, with regular signs of visible progress to those passing by on Erie Boulevard.

In addition to the casino, which cost just over $300 million, Galesi Group has invested about $150 million in the 60-acre site.

By next summer, most projects already underway will be complete, Buicko said. That includes townhouse units planned to go up along the river, two buildings that will be a mix of office and retail space, luxury apartments, the casino and its accompanying hotel.

The Marriott at Mohawk Harbor on Oct. 20 became the first building on the site to open. The same day, it was announced the Rivers Casino would open in February. More details regarding a specific casino opening date, and some of the retailers that will be filling available space, will be released over the next several weeks, Buicko said.

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